quinta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2015

Destino ou some things are meant to be

No filme When Harry met Sally, os testemunhos dos casais são verdadeiros. E o que eu mais gosto é este. Simplesmente porque demonstra que há coisas que estão marcadas para nos acontecer.
Man: We were both born in the same hospital.
Woman: Nineteen twenty one.
Man: Seven days apart.
Woman: In the same hospital.
Man: We both grew up one block away from each other.
Woman: We both lived in tenements.
Man: On the lower east side.
Woman: On Delancey Street.
Man: My family moved to the Bronx when I was ten.
Woman: He lived on Fordham Road.
Man: Hers moved when she was eleven.
Woman: I lived on a hundred and eighty third Street.
Man: For six years she worked on the fifteenth floor as a nurse where I had a practice on the
fourteenth floor in the very same building.
Woman: I worked for a very prominent neurologist, Dr. (someone or rather). We never met.
Man: Never met.
Woman: Can you imagine that?
Man: You know where we met? In an elevator. In the ambassador hotel in Chicago Illinois.
Woman: I was visiting family. He was on the third floor I was on the twelve.
Man: I rode up nine extra floors just to keep talking to her.
Woman: Nine extra floors.

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