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A Halloween Fairy Tale

Decidi escrever um texto e concorrer para ser guest writer no Sweet Rebel Bride. O texto tinha de ser inspirado pelo casamento vampiresco que mostre neste post. Acontece que não ganhei. Mas decidi partilhar o que escrevi com os leitores aqui do blogue. Se tiverem curiosidade de ler o texto vencedor é só ir aqui: Bohemian Vampire Wedding

It was the last day of October, just an ordinary day but not for Jane since it was her  birthday. She was Sarah’s best friend and there was a Halloween/birthday party. Sarah never liked Halloween but she liked parties. This year the theme was Tim’s Burtons films.

Sarah hated Tim Burton. You see, she had once had a date with a man obsessed with Tim Burton and did nothing else besides talking about him and how wonderful he was as a film director.

So, she sort of started to hate the man and his films. If Jane wasn’t her best friend she certainly hadn’t went to it. This how on a Halloween night, she finds herself in a party surrounded by corpses brides, Mrs. Lovett, Sweney Todd, Apes…

She went as Edward Scissors Hands. She put on black leather trousers, a corset and glued scissors to her gloves. As for her hair she decided to left it blonde. She thought she looked great but she didn’t because everyone was always asking who she was supposed to be.

At some point Sarah spotted a man across the room, who was dressed as a vampire. Jane, told her: no vampires, darling!! They aren’t part of Tim Burton’s films!!

( you see this was before Dark Shadows)

She found him a bit bold for being dressed in a costume that wasn’t part of the films.

Sometime later, Sarah was near the drinks and he was drinking something red. She asked:

-          Is that any good?

-          Well, it’s blood.

I might add that she found the answer very bold, but said nothing. She just smiled before adding: of course that’s the drink for you vampires.

Someone called the mysterious vampire from across the room and he mysteriously disappeared. Sarah never saw him again and eventually the party ended.

For the next days, every time she thought about the vampire she smiled. This was a bit silly, she didn’t know his name, his tastes, she only talked two sentences to him... But there was something in his way that caught her eye.  

Fate was about to step in. He was a photographer and he was looking for a blond model and someone recommend Sarah. She never saw herlself as a model, but that was not the point, she thought it could be fun. He just wanted someone who could pose; the photos were to be send to a contest.

Sarah was a bit nervous on the day of the shooting and she got more when she saw him.

-          Hi. I’m Vincent.

-          Not a vampire?

-          Only by night.

They both started to laugh. When the shooting was over. Sarah asked Vincent if she could see the photos before he sent them to the contest. He invited her to his studio.  They were in the dark room, talking and laughing and in a magic moment they kissed.

Well I could tell you how they got engaged. But I’m a writer and I do like to leave something for the imagination. As for the weeding theme it’s pretty obvious why they choose it and why the lovely Sarah chose to be dressed as she did…




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